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When reviewing dropshipping sites, remember that they often display retail (not wholesale) prices on the website. You need to contact them via email or via their online form in order to get the reseller/wholesale pricelist.  

See for a refresher on the right way to research dropship products - follow this method & you will unearth profitable products. See the Ultimate Dropshipper ebook for more details OR email me at the mentoring email to get more guidance.


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2 Other Good Dropship Sources Sites:
Tim Knox's Dropshippers Site
Chris Malta's DSSD Site

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I've gotten great feedback from people who have tried out this program on how to really succeed on eBay. This eBay guru has it worked out to a repeatable step by step process. If you are thinking about eBaying or want to take it to the next level, check it out.

The Amazing Formula That Sells Like Crazy
very good but a little too general 

Marlon Sanders is one of the e-marketing giants. Anything he has to say about selling is worth listening to. My take on this product is that, although it leaves some holes here & there, it is an excellent source of info on how to sell online & off.

Gimme My Money Now
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Another one of Marlon's products on how to setup 2 page websites to sell online. If I had a choice between this product & the Amazing Formula, I'd take this one. It is more focused on web selling.

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More on Dropshipping

Don't get lost looking at suppliers if you haven't done the proper market research yet! Looking at suppliers of products that won't make you any money is a waste of your time. Unless you are already selling on the web & KNOW that product x is a money maker, forget about suppliers. Start by finding niche markets & test marketing. Once you've found & tested a money making product idea, then get a supplier. Go here for an overview of how to do this:

Finding money making products and Finding money making products part 2

Although I run a regular link check on this list, you may be ahead of me. If you discover dead links, please email me at & I will update the listings accordingly. This is to the benefit of all members as the online version will be the most up to date list available. Most times you hit a dead link when a website changes the path to the page on dropshipping. Always try the root domain after hitting a dead link - you'll often find a link to the dropship info there (if is dead, try instead...)

Remember that many distributors don't advertise dropshipping on their websites. You need to email/call to get the details on dropshipping. As well, a few companies will not do business with you unless you have a Sales TAX ID which you can get at your local IRS office ( get the form here tax id info or here ). More on Tax IDs here:,4621,301790,00.html

===>go to for info on starting your business by the book ( registering your business, getting a sales tax ID, etc.). Lastly, the bigger companies don't want to waste time with people who aren't serious about their businesses. Make sure you have put some thought & planning into what you want to do prior to contacting a company.

There is a great website where you can access a directory of 1000's of manufacturers. Check out If you don't see a product type you are looking for here, check for manufacturers of that product in the Thomas registry. You can then contact the companies individually to find out if they will dropship.

A couple of other online suppliers directories:


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